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Different views of automation and the workplace of the future

not unicorns and rainbows.jpgSeveral weeks ago, I did a few posts on the workplace of the future. Today, I was part of a discussion with another futurist who had a radically different view of what could happen.


My view is that we can use analytics and automation to take over many of the “management” functions. Management is fairly well understood and many issues can be tracked to closure using workflow and other automation techniques. Doing this should free up people to be individual performers taking on more creative tasks, generating value with the time that used to be consumed by rote, bureaucratic efforts – the birth of a workplace utopia. Back to my view that we should automate “normal” and focus on the unique.


The other person’s perspective was: management could use these same tools to keep an ever closer watch on workers and focuses on making the people “turn the crank” harder not better. Essentially turning the workplace into a factory of unfree labor.


People may view the “everyone is a consultant” as a threat to their value system and bend the potential to their needs. I found the whole discussion eye-opening and something to watch out for.


I recently changed roles in HP and was looking at some of the project work products that are produced as part of our development efforts for organizations. Since I am from outside, I am asking: “Why are we doing that?” and “Who is using this?” My own version of the 5 Whys, since my view is project work products are meant to generate better business decisions, not just be created for their own sake.


Sometimes getting a more diverse opinion of what is going on can open up a whole new perspective and insight on possible unintended consequences

pasazieru parvadajumi | ‎07-22-2014 11:54 AM

This is grat topic to write about, because automation in different workplaces are invented every day.

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