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Millennials and support from IT

j0336720.gifA few years back I wrote a post about how different generations view computing. Now there are more studies of what motivates the new employees entering organizations today. Pew Research Center Study on Millennials shows that they are “Confident. Connected. Open to Change”, but with the economic downturn under more pressure than recent generations.


The new workers entering the enterprise have different expectations of success. Some articles describe these expectations as unrealistic while others make the much more stability focused than consumer focused. Consistent though is that no matter where they work or play, they have information access expectations.


IT organizations have many pressures driving them to support new devices and it’s not just the millennial workers who are driving technology adoption. The consumerization of IT is pushing everyone to think differently about what the limits are.


One thing is true; Millennials are the next generation of consumers, heads of households, business owners and so on. To stay competitive, enterprises must be prepared for a future where new services can be rolled out quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.


HP’s response to this demand is the Instant-On Enterprise enabling organizations able to deliver, whenever, wherever.


It does make me wonder if there are any millennial readers of this blog (besides my kids who read it ever so often).


  • How do you see the Instant-On Enterprise fitting your vision of the future of business?
  • Where do you see technology headed in the next decade?
  • Does your workplace meet your expectations of technology? If not, what does it need?
  • How do you expect the business world to adapt to new technology? Or should it be the other way around?

| ‎11-24-2010 11:02 AM

A somewhat related story in the NYTimes

Chris Bentle | ‎07-01-2013 04:04 PM

I am a millennial, and I feel that Technology will get to a point that once you make something so customizable that you won't need to worry about keeping up with that other company. For instance, a company may have 15 apps out on 6 different markets and 4 different platforms, well every time they develop a new app they have to hope it catches on. Instead why not turn to a service based payment plan, and have one app that does everything the other apps do, kind of an all in one, I feel that this model will be what changes the business of Technology on the software side.


My employer, a local government, surprised me with its technology when I started working with them. However, they do not support BYOD, which I think will change the enterprise eco-system when it happens.


I think that technology should target business needs first, however there is nothing wrong with teaching the industry’s better way to get things done to increase profits. I truly believe that it should be an open line of communication between technology companies and the business world. Heck, why not make a central place where business can post a problem that they need a solution to, or a place for consumers to post technology ides. i know they are out there, and you have things like intellectual property rights, but hey lawyers can always work that out.

| ‎07-02-2013 02:10 PM

Particularly in outsourcing when it is running well, your idea about sharing ideas and innovation is the hallmark of an effective relationship. I can think of many situations that work exactly as you describe. This requires honest and open communications between all the parties though -- thinking win-win.

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