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Questions to be answered to modernize an application portfolio

apps modernization.pngI was talking an individual focused on application portfolio modernization the other day and we got into a discussion about portfolio management and determining value and cost for applications. A quadrant diagram with costs on one access and value on the other is one of the ways organizations can visualize their portfolio and determine which applications need to be focused upon – the high cost, low value ones.


That’s a great tool but we then got into a discussion about what leaders need to move past the tipping point and actually invest in making the change. Everyone understands the concept of technical debt and the fact that all application portfolios get more fragile with age.


Since I am interested in gamification, I thought of it from that perspective – based on the need for metrics and behavior modification.


Organizations want a variation of the scientific method to be applied:

1)      What needs to be done and why?

2)      How is it going to be accomplished?

3)      What is the expected outcome?

4)      When will it be done?

5)      How will we measure outcome so we can validate when the task is complete and effective?

6)      What resources will be required? ($$, people…)


I am sure I missed something in there but if you can answer questions like that effectively for the leaders, you should be able to get them onboard – assuming you don’t try to eat the elephant whole and take on too large a project too early.


The next day, I was talking with a team doing SAP consulting and deployment for HP ES and ran into the same kind of perspective -- talking about value of the effort from a proven basis. In this case, the team was working directly on the development and execution of SAP RDS.


When I was dealing with SAP (long ago), it was much more of a big bang approach, this RDS approach to embracing new technologies like HANA, mobile deployment and SAP as a whole was refreshing – at least to me. Many folks don’t realize the depth and breadth of the relationship between HP and SAP, fueled by the fact that SAP runs on more HP hardware than any other server, but also by the SAP consulting work underway to answer the kinds of questions listed above.

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