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Six common misconceptions about cloud (plus a few more)

151i28170AB8DEA92A55InfoWorld had an article titled Six Common Misconceptions About Cloud Apps.


These were:

  1. Cloud Computing will put IT pros out of a job
  2. The cloud is free (or at least incredibly inexpensive)
  3. Cloud performance is never a problem
  4. You can replace Microsoft Office with Google, or Zoho, or...
  5. The cloud is easy to set up and manage
  6. Security is [fill in the blank]
    This was one of the few articles I've seen lately that didn't look at cloud from an infrastructure replacement perspective and looked at some of the other issues. It was still from a commodity perspective though and didn't spend any time looking at what you could do with cloud capabilities that you could never have done before.

So I'd add on a few apps related myths (in addition to other cloud myths).


7. Most of the cloud will be consumed by the same kind of apps that run today

Although it is possible to do computing similar to what's been written for the last 40 years, there are other approaches like simulation, modeling and analytics that can take advantage of the parallel possibilities of the cloud much more easily. These will grow at a significantly higher rate, once we overcome the inertia.

This will involve new languages, tools and approaches


8. Lock-in shouldn't be a problem

Depending on what cloud layer you write your application for, it will have a significant effect on how flexible it will be to move between cloud providers. The IaaS layer should be relatively free of lock-in issues, when compared to the PaaS layer. There are significant standards work required to even get to a POSIX compliant level of portability at the PaaS layer. There are not many platform providers who can survive competing against the PaaS environments that exist today (e.g..,, Azure).  Yet, some organizations are not really concerned about this issue and have already jumped in with both feet.


We are at the start of a whole new era of computing. Cloud is just part of this larger shift. We're definitely past the explorer stage and into frontier life. It's too early for the settlers to move in, but the frameworks are being put in place for the masses to follow.

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