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Planning for HP Discover in June

It is about this time of year when the folks within HP really start to think about HP Discover which is coming up in June on the 11th-13th in Las Vegas (for those who think about it early there are

early bird discounts through the end of the month).


The high level Track Descriptions have been defined as well as the Session Catalog of what will be presented (this will be changing as more details are defined).


There is an HP Discover Insider Blog for those who want to peek behind the scenes as well as an HPDiscover twitter account , LinkedIn Group and HP Discover Facebook page for those into social connections.


I don’t know if I’ll be at the event yet, but if I am track me down and I’ll be happy to take you on a personalized tour and let you know what I found the most innovative & compelling and why.

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HP discover this week



Although I am not going to make it out to Las Vegas for the event on June 6th-10th, there are still ways to keep tabs on what's going on via:

HP DISCOVER Insider blog:








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IPv6 looms ever closer

IPv6-badge-blue-128-trans.pngBack in January I mentioned that IPV6 day was coming up on June 8th 2011, now that is less than a month away You can even run an IPv6 connectivity test today, although the about of IPv6 traffic remains miniscule.


Recently, another HP bloggers (Craig Smith) put out a post Subnet security for IPv6 networks – doing it right, that tries to address some of the confusion that may exist about IPv6 and security. This is a new technology that has some rules of its own that can be well worth understanding.


HP put out a few other resources as well:

At the upcoming HP Discover conference there will be some presentations on IPv6 as well.

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