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Never waste an IT crisis too

IT crisis.pngI was reading MylesS post Don’t waste a good IT crisis! and it made me think about some of the issues I’ve been involved with recently. MylesS points out that the pressure of a crisis can cause red tape to be cut to resolve a situation – nearly every crisis is also an opportunity.


I mentioned that trouble shooters have a specific role to play in a crisis. One of those roles is to be a conscious that doesn’t allow an organization to fall back into “business as usual” too quickly. From my experience, even if there is a technical root cause identified there are usually political or process issues that contributed to the situation as well. These are usually much more difficult for the organization to change and keep changed.


It is all too easy to breathe a sigh of relief and be lulled into contentment once a crisis is over. Plans that seemed so important can shift to the back burner. Advisors need to ask for dates and follow-up to ensure that action takes place. Real leadership needs to be brought to bear to track down the organizational issues and shift behavior to ensure that similar situations don’t happen again – at least in the same way. Ideally this change needs to come from the local team, since the external impetus can’t be sustained for the long term. 

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