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The IT Professional’s Annual Checklist

When an IT professional evaluates their performance over the previous year, they examine a number of areas. The following is a generic list for IT professionals to consider when evaluating their performance during the past year.

Can you add to the list?

1. Did I add the additional skills that are expected of an IT Professional?

In most professions, and especially in Information Technology, change occurs at a rapid pace. As a professional, we are expected to add the necessary skills to become more proficient in our job. Did I take any classes or did I self-educate in the areas that I operate? Did I grow enough? Did I progress toward certifications in my area of expertise?

2. Did I keep up with the latest changes in my particular area and with the IT Profession?

Did I articulate the latest changes in my profession? Did I articulate these changes in simple terms? Did I educate others on these changes? Can my leadership articulate those changes? Did I quantify the significance of those changes?

3. Did I advance my profession by helping grow other professionals?

Did I mentor others? Did I conduct any training? Did I actively participate with a university or school?

4. Can I quantify the value I brought last year?

Was my value greater than my total compensation? Could I have added more value? Did I stretch myself by taking risks? Did my customer understand the value that I brought?

5. Am I passionate about my job and my work?

Did I look forward to going to work? Was I challenged? Did I have work goals and aspirations?


Extra Credit:

1. Was my backup trained and ready?

2. Did I enhance my soft skills?

3. Did I communicate with the key individuals in my personal network during the past year?

4. Did I improve my personal productivity?

5. Did I balance professional and home life?


This short list asks some tough questions. As an individual progresses through their career, they sometimes take their professional responsibilities for granted.

Consider customizing this list for your particular area within Information Technology.

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Employees of the next generation enterprise…

I've mentioned the way different generations use computers before. Tom Hill pointed me to this article on the Military's recognition of the situation. There is a great deal of useful information for corporations in this article. Since the topic seems to be showing up at more conferences it's definitely being recognized that it is not something that we can assume will just be addressed automatically. There's been lots of talk about workplace generation wars and at least people are thinking about it.

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