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Misconceptions about private cloud

Cloud notice.pngGartner had a post on The Five Things that Private Cloud is Not. They stated that Private Cloud is not:

  1. Virtualization
  2. Just about cost reduction
  3. On-Premise
  4. Only IaaS
  5. Always going to be private


This was a good list of things to keep in mind. I have to dispute the last one a bit though, since many times organizations as they get larger will move to a private cloud to keep costs down and have greater control over their SLAs.  For the variable part of the workload, public cloud can be more effective though, since you may be able to structure the environment so you only pay for that variable portion.


I would add a few more that we discussed in a #convcloud twitter session the other day.


  • Private clouds are not always the security answer – Organizations that use private cloud still have to address security concerns. It may be within the organizations firewall… But remember most security leaks are inside jobs.
  • Private clouds are not always the best way to get started with cloud – They are definitely a way to get started, but many organizations do public cloud first and then as they understand their demand develop a private cloud.
  • Private clouds don’t need SLAs – Just like any shared resources, there need to be rules and an understanding of how the environment is working and value is being generated. Metrics will serve a key role in the on-going care and feeding of a private cloud.


Are there things about private cloud that you believe the market is confused about?

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  • Steve Simske is an HP Fellow and Director in the Printing and Content Delivery Lab in Hewlett-Packard Labs, and is the Director and Chief Technologist for the HP Labs Security Printing and Imaging program.