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Microsoft Tag

I was looking at Microsoft Tag technology today and thinking about ways it could be applied to some of the activities I am involved with by adding URLs pointing to more information


Or maybe just the information itself (it appears to support 1000 characters of text – at least)


 Or information about authors…


A free reader for most mobile devices is available at: Althuogh it should handle password protection, the reader for my windows mobile based device did not support it at this time.

The nice thing from HP’s perspective is that it extends the use of printing techniques and integrates well with mobile devices with cameras.

There are numerous technologies in this space, but this is one of the most colorful.


Printing Skin

Researchers at Wake Forest University are developing a method of inkjet printing new skin tissue for treating burn patients. This “bioprinting”  technology speeds up the healing process and could be a life saver.


“For now, ordinary office supply store print heads are being fitted with test tubes full of the patient’s own skin cells in a solution instead of ink. The solution is then sprayed onto a gel sheet. The base will then absorb into the patient’s tissues and cause less infection and rejection than a skin graft. This process will also eliminate the uncomfortable tightness that skin grafts often create.”.

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