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A quick thought about risks, assumptions and work

risk.pngI was looking at a post from one of the HP bloggers titled: Finding success in uncertain times (#3) - guard against sharks!   discussing the difference between uncertainty and risk.


Lately I’ve been looking at projects and this concept of uncertainty and risk is becoming something I think about more every day. I no longer receive a project plan without asking for the level of certainty associated with it by the people who created it.


In technology projects there are always risks. Show me a project with no risks and I’m now really concerned. The same is true about a project with no assumptions documented. Sharing this information with the leadership enables better decision making -- it enables them to lead instead of manage.


One team’s risk is another’s opportunity. You just need to understand which side of the equation you are living on.

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  • Steve Simske is an HP Fellow and Director in the Printing and Content Delivery Lab in Hewlett-Packard Labs, and is the Director and Chief Technologist for the HP Labs Security Printing and Imaging program.