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HP is the first company to reach 1M followers on LinkedIn

collaboration2.pngAre you surprised that the number of HP’s followers on LinkedIn is larger than the follower count of many well-known technology companies combined?

Twynergy beta sees the light of day

app_2011-04-06_133056.pngOne of the projects that HP labs supported that we’ve been playing with internally has finally crept into the light. Twynergy is available for those WebOS folks who know how to use Preware.


This application uses some research from the services lab to compare two entities. In this case, the technology was integrated into the service to compare people based on their twitter posts, links, photos… There have been some reviews of an early version of the application before.


If you have security concerns about the analysis, you can restrict that access by going to the HP Twynergy website and following the steps listed at the bottom of the page. You can also look at this site for information about wider availability.


The picture shows a comparison between the Palm twitter entity and myself. I was a bit surprised at how little I have in common with some of the other bloggers I know.


These are the same kinds of techniques that will eventually move into enterprises to derive networks of personnel based on their behavior.

The Technical Side of Cooking

Even though the summer reading season has wound down, an interesting book came my way (this seems to be the summer of people sending me books). Cooking for Geeks is a technical look at cooking. If you’re a fan of the NPR science Friday podcast you may have already heard about it from the New Frontier for Geeks: The Kitchen post.


 This book goes into the technical reasons for why it is better to whip egg whites in a copper bowl rather than stainless steel. It talks about the different temperatures various proteins breakdown and how you can take advantage of the difference.


 Although the book is not really something you are likely to sit down and read, it does have some interesting stories and interviews in it and is definitely funny and informative. It’s the science behind how the kitchen works.


 Like many products today Cooking for Geeks even has a facebook page. I've noticed a number of seminars this summer for CEOs on the use of social media to impact their business. Maybe Dallas is just a bit behind other regions, since I'd have thought that message would have gone out years ago.

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