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Envy for the x2

I’ve been a bit busy so I’ve not had a chance to comment on HP’s announcement a couple of weeks ago of the X2 and other new processors.



I have used a tablet PC since the first prototypes were produced for Microsoft by Acer long ago. I’ve not been able to touch an X2 yet, but it does look interesting since I travel quite a bit. Nothing beats a tablet PC for working on a plane – especially when the person in front of you leans all the way back.


Based on the reviews from Cnet, engadget, the Verge and others it sounds like people can see the thought that has gone into this device. It definitely seems like the device for the person who hates to bring their tablet and their PC on a trip. I am sure I’ll get my hands (or more importantly my eyes) on one by the end of the month though – I hope.

Windows 8 Adoption??

I’ve seen stories lately that state that Windows 8 will be largely irrelevant to PC users. It reminded me of all those stories about how the advantages of Office 2007 and its ribbon were too much of a hurdle for people to make the transition.


Yes, it will be a difficulty. Just like in office though when people upgrade or enter into the PC environment for the first time, the eventually think that it was always this way and the old version of office was almost unusable. Time (and its associated technology changes) marches on…


I’ve played with Windows 8 and found it to be usable and even more efficient than windows 7 in its memory usage. Most of the user interface changes probably will not be all that useful to current PC users, but some of the enhancements to the environment (e.g., Task Manager) are quite an improvement.


With the Windows XP installed based being 33.4% as of October 2011 (at least from this collection source) and Vista at 5.5%. Another source has it for October with 38% XP and 11% Vista. In any case, there are still quite a number of machines that have not made the move to Windows 7 and depending on when they pull the trigger are likely candidates for Windows 8 at some point.

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