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Don't allow Cloud to stress your organization

I am writing this post on the flight that is bringing back me home at the end of the intense week of HP Discover 2012 in Las Vegas. Many interesting conversations with customers and partners gave me several topics that I will discuss in my blog in the next few weeks.


I am now recalling one that I discussed when interviewed by HP Technology Services editor Kate Whalen. (Listen to the podcast of our interview.) We shared some thoughts about the Cloud as a change driver. Specifically, in addition to the opportunities per se, we recognized the Cloud as a major stress factor of common IT practices. In fact, as soon as you introduce any Cloud service into your set of sourcing options, all IT services start to be affected by the attributes of flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness typical of Cloud services. In fact, as businesses use a combination of services to operate their processes, the overall result is limited by the "worst" component.


As a result, the introduction of Cloud means that the whole set of IT processes, infrastructures, and applications should progressively include best practices, architectures and technologies nowadays associated with the Cloud. This change should be governed, or the stress could jeopardize existing practices that need to fit, in some way, with requirements coming from Cloud integration.


The opportunity is, however, huge. Cloud makes it necessary to streamline IT processes and leverage converged infrastructure, management and security. A simple example is represented by HP CloudSystem and HP VirtualSystem, which share common architecture and technologies, both embedding the Matrix Operating Environment to achieve tremendous simplification of operations, improved time to market, and cost reduction.


As Cloud is rapidly and inevitably entering the enterprise IT footprint, you can leverage its introduction as an unprecedented opportunity to get rid of old, dusty habits, change your observation standpoint, and ride the wave to accelerate deployment of all the best practices and technological opportunities enabled by convergence and automation. All of that will help to transform IT into an efficient organization that provides and brokers those digital services that will boost the business and help it to operate better and innovate competitively.


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