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Five Immutable Laws of Big Data Security

Big Data Graphic.jpgToday, private and public enterprises alike face aggressive and persistent attempts to steal their data.  Companies who have adopted Big Data make for an attractive target. Hackers know that Big Data means valuable information will be consumerized and made available on social media sites, cloud platforms and all manner of mobility devices, all historically easy targets to compromise.  To hackers, Big Data means big opportunity. They can steal more data than ever before with the same or less effort.


Hackers also know that a company’s rush to adopt Big Data inhibits them from deploying adequate security controls.  After all, what self-respecting hacker wouldn't love a large central repository of tasty data with lax security controls?


These conditions have led to the following widely believed immutable laws of protecting Big Data.


  1. You’re just a custodian – if you don’t own the data, you can’t control its security.


  2. Too big will fail – large databases can never be secure.


  3. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it – protecting big data is overly expensive.


  4. You will never see them coming – your data will always land in the hands of the wrong people.


  5. Dodge, stoop and obfuscate – you will need to be evasive about the extent of your data breach.


Are these really immutable laws that we must live with? Or simply self-filing prophesies that we have the power to change?


At the HP Discover 2013 Conference in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday, December 12th at 9:50 am I will show attendees how they can change these immutable laws in their favor by applying HP’s Big Data Protection Services.


Watch for my follow up blog on how HP helps clients change these immutable laws of Big Data security. Or better yet, join me in Barcelona, Spain in December at HP Discover to hear firsthand.

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