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Food for Thought Series - Exploiting the Promise of Cloud Computing: HP’s Technology Leadership


By Dave Twohy


Fair warning right up front. This may be a biased opinion, but I have to say I am very proud of the leadership role that HP has taken in helping our customers take that first step – and beyond – on their journey to the Cloud.


I have a right to be proud. HP has developed significant intellectual property by leveraging strategic investments in R&D. Starting with our high end platform, HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, which feature over 150 innovations and have more than 900 patents-applied-for, we can easily create and drive a virtualized environment for our customers. That’s an important first step in the Cloud journey. Coupled with an aggressive Cloud strategy that includes services, software and support capabilities – I’d say we have a Cloud technology customer value proposition that is second to none in the IT industry.


Let’s take a closer look at what that really means.


The Cloud System Matrix. The cloud system matrix is a converged infrastructure platform that HP designed and built. It was specifically created to handle private cloud workloads, and it was built with all of the cloud definitional elements that we just talked about in my previous blog posts. In terms of on-demand, self-service support: it’s in the box. The self-service portal is a key component of the cloud system matrix. The services orchestration engine is built-in. Within the Matrix, Cloud maps help organizations define and rapidly move their workloads in a planned manner.


3PAR. The 3PAR platform is the best storage platform for Cloud bar none, IMHO. Why?
Well, first, it was designed to be a multi-tenant environment, with autonomic capability that can move data where it needs to be so it can be easily accessible by users. The multi-tenant model can wall off different workloads from different customers or business units as needed, and all of the action happens without human intervention. From a technology standpoint, I think we’ve got some best in breed technology with HP Proliant Gen8 Servers and 3Par Storage Platforms.


From a Services standpoint, we offer a full complement of tools, starting with HP’s Cloud Discovery Workshop. Let me start by stating this fact: EVERY ORGANIZATION’S JOURNEY TO CLOUD WILL BE DIFFERENT. Why? Because everyone’s business opportunities and starting points are different. In this 2 day Workshop, HP works with the CIO and his or her staff through 10 different stations to develop an end to end view of their current environment, their cloud opportunities, and how cloud services can be leveraged given their current business and technology models. The 10 stations include:

  • Cloud concepts and terminology
  • Services portfolios. How do you move from managing assets, like servers and storage devices, to managing services?
  • Business case and financials. What’s the business case for moving to the Cloud for this particular organization?
  • Service management. How do we manage those services in the lifecycle and where do we manage them?
  • Platforms. What platforms do we run service on? Do we run them in our private cloud or via burst capacity or in a public cloud?
  • Technology. What is the underlying technology, including the facilities, infrastructure and the current applications.
  • Security & reliability
  • Governance and the IT organization
  • The Transformational Journey


Importantly, we talk about their business context right up front. If there is no hard financial case, then the discussion is academic. Everyone in the room becomes familiarized with Cloud tools and language. Throughout the Workshop we strive to help the team focus on their desired end-state, and discuss practical ways to achieve their goal.


Where are you today? Where would you like to be? Where are your opportunities for success? How can leveraging the cloud help you achieve your goals?


The Transformational Journey is a particularly important discussion within the Workshop construct, as management of change is going to be significant. The journey to the Cloud is an evolutionary, not revolutionary, change.


By the end of the second day, we produce a report that provides a preliminary definition of actionable next steps, and provides an excellent framework for a cloud strategy for the organization. The customer gets some very valuable input, starts to develop a common language around change, and a walks away with a snapshot of where they are in their transition to Cloud computing. A couple of weeks later, the HP team comes back to deliver a report that’s been enhanced with details and a timeline; it provides the next layer of detail and recommendations.


Another cool service offering is called Cloudstart, which is something that we at HP are particularly excited about. Cloudstart is a service that implements a private cloud in a customer’s environment in 30 days or less. The Workshop includes:

  • Establishing the service model
  • Defining two to four services
  • Building out these services
  • Creating the service portal
  • Build-out of the orchestration engine
  • Project management


For customers who are interested in standing up a private Cloud and want to get there fast, this is an ideal offering.


Additionally, we have other cloud services that help customers take a serious look at Cloud security, as wells as Cloud services that are focused on the delivery workload. We can help customers who may already have the basics of a cloud infrastructure set up, but need additional help in defining their workload. Services and Support options don’t stop there, though. More sophisticated and complex work like Cloud design and Cloud system consulting & implementation services are tailored to help our customers start out on their Cloud journey, well-prepared.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu, Chinese philosopher.


You don’t have to make your journey alone. We have the tools, technology and intellectual property to help you get started - and get to your cloud faster.


To close, let me ask you to consider two questions: Where are you in your Cloud journey? And - Do you have a written plan for your journey? If you don’t have a written Cloud plan in place -- call me. We can help.


If you like this blog and are interested in hearing more thoughts about the IT industry, IT services, and other ideas real time, please follow me on Twitter. My handle is @DaveTwohyatHP.



Dave Twohy

Dave Twohy is WW VP of HP’s Technology Services Channel Organization. He has 23 years of experience in the IT industry and has worked extensively with large and small enterprises and channel partners around the world. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, partner conferences, and HP’s customer experience center.










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