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Of tyes and bytes

Mark Esparza is currently a Senior Consultant advising HP’s customers on cloud and converged infrastructure transformation programs in the Americas. He has over 30 years of experience in global IT operations, financial management, and IT strategic planning and consulting. Mark completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of California, Berkeley.

I always have problems finding my favorite tie. I don’t need it all that often. After all, how many times a year do you have to wear a tie nowadays. But when I need it, I want it. It goes with everything and looks very good on me, according to what the family says. But I can never seem to find it. I remember putting it in a special place so I’d remember where it was. But I usually forget where that place is.  

Change “tie” to “data” and multiply it by millions and you get a basic idea of the challenge now facing enterprises when they try to find and use the information they need to drive sales and become even more competitive. Thank goodness enterprises like yours can now depend on new approaches like HP Converged Storage that can find anything anywhere within their data center, while also using open architectures, systems, solutions, and infrastructure monitoring that provide automated control of data center applications and resources.
And if you don’t have HP Converged Storage, there’s an easy way to get it with storage services from HP Technology Services Consulting. These services provide a well-defined approach to help you modernize your storage to take better advantage of virtualized server environments

Modernize. Optimize.
HP Storage Services help you accelerate the implementation of best practices and new storage technology to optimize your storage infrastructure. They are designed to work through every step of the process, providing solid ROI data so you can see exactly how modernization can help you and which approaches will deliver the best results.

These services take a holistic approach, addressing the four critical areas involved in modernizing your storage infrastructure: Advise, Transform, Integrate, and Operate.

You’ll get:

  • A current state assessment and technical summary to show you the status of your current storage
  • HP storage design options and analyses that provide a range of options for you to study
  • Recommendations with Cost Benefit Analysis, based on real-world experience
  • Reference Architecture and supporting rationale to guide you in the right direction
  • Implementation planning, next steps and deployment plan to make sure the storage solution you get delivers the results you want and need
  • Management tools and support services that help you achieve and maintain optimum levels of performance and availability  

The modernized system you adopt allows you to:

  • Add value to your HP investments with services that wrap our core infrastructure, storage, and software offerings
  • Design, deploy and support storage products and solutions to simplify your infrastructure
  • Migrate critical business data to new storage technologies with speed and confidence
  • Integrate technologies to advance your business objectives in a holistic way
  • Enhance your archiving, analytical search, backup, and recovery capabilities from storage services that rein in costs and reduce risk

Check out exactly what services are available to help you on the HP Storage Services web page:
- Mark Esparza

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