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Prosumer: The new IT User

When delivering workshops or presentation on mobility I’m using a new word ‘Prosumer’.


This new word outline a new generation of users for enterprise corporations that are, a combination of professional and consumer user’s behavior. ‘Prosumer’


What do I mean and why is relevant for Enterprise IT?

A real revolution is happening outside the enterprise data center with new technologies that are empowering customers and employees.


We are all familiar with new portable and mobile devices that are becoming powerful tools for us, because of their access to networks and on line services, putting the power of information directly into customers’ and employees’ hands.


The new generation of services and new device applications available on line are providing people with new, easy, efficient ways to collaborate communicate and consume services, which are now part of most consumer life.


Collaboration and social networking functionality creates a new social interaction experience for the participants.

This experience becomes increasingly pervasive since social networking platforms and applications are available on a large set of computing devices, usable at any time and place.


With these new technologies people are changing the way they communicate, collaborate and work and ultimately their behaviors.


This combination of new consumer devices and services, the capability of use this services anywhere and anytime has also impacted professional users that more and more are using these capabilities to perform and sometimes streamline business process.


This has created a new generation of users for enterprise corporations, the ‘Prosumer’, a combination of professional and consumer user’s behavior.


This new type of user is now asking corporate IT to use same capabilities and functionalities to perform daily jobs.




Whether driven by brand, preference, comfort level, experience or other factors, there is a new range of end user that want to take advantage of this new technology and in some cases is willing to give up a level of support to use their devices also at work.


People are buying new personal devices and they may own different ones with almost same functionalities but with different form factors.


Today, users' technical sophistication is such that they often have better technology at home than they have in the office. This  situation has led some Enterprise to allow users to bring their personal laptops to work.


For individuals, the old paradigm of one person with two separate consumer and professional lives is coming to an end. People want a fluid information experience across every aspect of their life.

Accordingly,to manage challenges and, most importantly, deliver value, Enterprise IT needs to take a new holistic view and a complete strategic approach to address the new Prosumers needs.


Is about making the technology work for people, is about Enterprise users taking all benefits of Information Technologies.

This is what this new word Prosumer reveals.

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