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Service strategy survey shows that many organizations have a long way to go

I delivered a webinar recently, describing HP’s Strategic Service Management Reference Model. This webinar explained how using a reference model like this can help ensure that your service strategy is comprehensive, and how it can help focus decision making and investment in the areas that will create the best value for you and your customers.


The webinar was hosted by BrightTALK and you can listen to the recorded version here.


Towards the end of the webinar I asked the audience a number of questions about their service strategy, and the results surprised me. Here are the questions I asked and the answers the audience gave:


Q1 Do you have a mission and vision that are well understood and effectively guide decisions throughout IT?

Survey Question 1


Q2 Do you have a well-documented service portfolio, based on an understanding of how services create value through supporting outcomes your customers are trying to achieve?

Survey Question 2


Q3 Do you have a plan for developing all the capabilities you need to deliver the services in your portfolio?

Survey Question 3


Q4 Do you have an effective organization design that supports a documented governance model?

Survey Question 4


This was a self-selected audience of people who were interested in service strategy and had given up their time to learn more about approaches that could help improve their strategy, and most of them work in organizations that seem not to have done the most basic things needed to deliver IT services.


  • Only 26% had an effective mission and vision that helps to guide decisions
  • Only 23% have a service portfolio that is based on an understanding of customer outcomes
  • Only 21% have an effective plan for developing the capabilities they need to deliver their service portfolio
  • Only 26% have an organization design that is based on a documented governance model

Putting this differently, it looks as though ¾ of the people who attended this webinar could make enormous improvements to the services they deliver by reviewing their service strategy and starting to develop the most basic of strategic approaches to supporting their customers.


How about you? I would love to hear from other people, to see if this survey reflects  a pervasive attitude (or approach) throughout the IT industry or was a skewed sample based on a very selective audience. Please post a response to this blog letting me know your answers to these questions.


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Stuart Rance

Stuart_Rance | ‎07-25-2012 08:05 AM

There is a LinkedIn discussion about the issues raised in this blog at


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