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The infrastructure side of big data

By Rick Peterson, Worldwide HP Technology Consulting Portfolio Architect and Strategist


Anyone who has interviewed for a job lately can tell you that being “results oriented” is a good thing. That’s certainly true in IT. As businesses have initiated projects to tap into the power of big data, a lot of the focus has been on the results side—producing output that provides business value. And many are finding the results are indeed possible and valuable. Part of the beauty of today’s technologies is that it has been easy to download some freeware and see what we can do.


There also lies the challenge. The volume, velocity, variety and value of the data and information work flows continue to grow. So IT must also plan how it will continue to scale and consistently deliver the results upon which the business now depends.


Earlier this year we began offering the HP Big Data Strategy Workshop. It’s a structured, three-day workshop that helps you define an overall big data strategy. We look at what kinds of data are available to you, how you intend to capture, store, secure and analyze it, and how you plan to use it to improve business decisions. We help you examine some of the technology options to determine which best fit your particular needs. It’s exactly the place to start.


A critical aspect of any big data initiative is planning the supporting infrastructure. How will you transport, store and backup the data? Is your existing network, system and storage infrastructure up to the task? How will you architect its evolution? Will your existing management systems and processes still work when you turn up the velocity and volume by a factor of 10, a factor of 100? The time to discuss those questions is during the planning phase of a big data project, not when you expand your pilot into full-scale production—or worse, when you fail to meet a service objective due to workload scaling or failure.


To help you get to the right answers, we now offer a one-day workshop that is more tightly focused on strategy, analytics or storage. And if you have already made some technology choices, we can focus the workshop specifically on the infrastructure needed to enable a successful rollout of the technology and to scale it as data volumes grow. The objective is to identify limitations in infrastructure or IT processes that might jeopardize the success of big data projects and to plan the steps you can take to avoid that.


By definition, big data is data in volume, velocity and variety that exceeds the ability of existing systems to handle. So we must ensure that we are assessing the impact of big data across the environment—including IT infrastructure and processes. The one-day workshop is a tool to help you do just that. Being results oriented can help you get the job. But in the end, you don’t achieve the results if your infrastructure can’t respond and scale to the demand.


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