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Top 10 Hints for IT Transformation (Cont.): Don’t let “Old Generation” impact your transformation!

This is the last installment in my series of articles on IT Transformation Hints.  Thanks so much to everyone that has been following along!  If this is the first article you’ve read in the series, welcome and I hope you like it.  If you want to read the rest, you can find a list of my previous related blogs at the end of this post.  Be sure to start with IT Transformation – Top 10 Hints.


You’ve done all the planning.  You’ve communicated to the organization (IT and the business).  You’ve completed your business case.  You have all the right levels of support.  You are now ready to start executing.  This is where the fun starts for most of us, but even with a great plan, a great team, and great support, a lot can still go wrong.  This article is to warn you about one of the biggest pitfalls I’ve encountered, and I’ve run into it with almost every effort I’ve been involved in.  It’s “Old Generation” thinking and the impact it can have on your transformation program.


Everyone gets excited about starting and doing not only something new and different but creating an environment that is better for everyone.  An IT environment that is flexible, adaptable, and efficient based on improved technology (yes, I said improved because it’s not always new!)  But as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, change is difficult.  Even at this stage, the resistance to change is phenomenal.  It seems like everyone is on board, but people will still default to what they are comfortable with, especially when problems arise.  There is a strong fear of the unknown.


“Who else has done this?”  “How many companies like ours do it this way?”  “What’s wrong with the way we do it today?”  “How long will it take to retrain everyone?”  “This is all we need.”  I hear these questions and comments (and more) as soon as the discussions start around really changing technologies.  I’m not talking about upgrading to the latest rack mounted server provided by your incumbent or the newest version of software.  I’m talking about real change.  A different network vendor.  Blades replacing rack mounted servers.  Converged infrastructure.  Cloud computing.  Everyone talks about these things, and most agree they are great solutions, but when the implementation starts, a lot of people will want to do things the ways they’ve always done them.  Most people want to do things the way they do them today.


This is where strong leadership is required.  The direction is set, the plan is in place, and now the leaders have to make sure the plan progresses.  You have to step up and challenge the status quo.  Make sure your technologists are thinking about new and different – not the same as always.  Is the technology being selected the best answer, or the easy answer?  Does the solution meet current and future needs or just today’s requirements?  When you’re planning for the future, flexibility is key, and that sometimes means a different configuration than normal, or more capacity than needed today.


You don’t want them saying “We did all this, spent all this money, and this is all we got?  We still can’t do what we want!” 


Watch out for Old Generation thinking that constrains your Next Generation Plan!


For those of you that haven’t viewed the Top 10 Tips video (or want to watch it again), it can be found at: Episode Overview: Top 10 Tips for Planning Your IT Transformation


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