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Top 10 Hints for IT Transformation (Continued): Understanding the current state will be a challenge

This is the third in my series of articles on IT Transformation Hints. Welcome back, if you’re following along. If you want to read my earlier blogs on IT Transformation Hints, go to: IT Transformation – Top 10 Hints.


Some of you are probably thinking "How is this different from Tip#9 - We often don't know what we don't know."?  Yes, they are similar but Tip#9 was related to a lack of understanding of what's in your environment (inventory and financials) while this is more about really understanding your starting point.  What does your current environment really look like and what steps do you need to take to transform?  What do you want to change and what do you want o oleave alone?


There are some fundamental problems that you will face.  First, people won't take you seriously and they will give you any piece of information that they think will answer your question.  Second, even if they really want to help make the program successful, they may not account for items the way you want.  For example, what is an application?  Are modules an application or is General Ledger an application?  The answer doesn't really matter, it's whatever works for you but consistency is key.  You need to ensure that whenever you are provided information that it is meaningful and really addresses the question you asked.  Third, your environment probably isn't static so exactly what is your starting point?  If you are upgrading some servers now, are they part of transformation or are they the baseline?  What about in-flight projects?  Do you stop them, count them, or ignore them?  It's critical to get to a common understanding and acceptance of what your current state looks like.  This is the only way people will understand how your future state will be different and what steps it takes to transform.  Another issue you may come across is roles and responsibilities.  I worked with a company a couple of years ago where over half their IT staff was classified as "architects" and they knew this was a distorted view.  We had to scrub all of the job classifications so that they really understood their staffing mix and could then perform skills analysis.  Again, it's about really understanding where you are so that you take the right steps to change.


Baselining where you are today is the only way to measure the success of your transformation and ensuring you achieve your goals!  Be prepared that this will not be as easy as you think.

As a reminder for those of you that haven't yet viewed the video (or want to watch it again. Smiley Wink)

Watch the video: Episode Overview: Top 10 Tips for Planning Your IT Transformation


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Nadhan | ‎12-20-2011 01:11 AM

Mark, You make a very important point in this hint.  Whether IT Transformation be a journey or a destination , the defintion of the starting point is critical in either case.  You need to know where you are to chart the course to your destination.

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