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Using strategic service management to help create value for your customers

IT has changed, and this change is happening at an ever increasing rate. The old techno-centric view of an IT organization that operates technology for the business is no longer helpful. Even the more enlightened view of delivering IT services to meet targets defined in service level agreements is no longer sufficient. IT must think about how it helps its customers create value, and how it can continually increase the value that it creates.


Everyone knows that service management can help increase operational efficiency and effectiveness, but this is only a small part of the value that service management can bring to an IT organization. If service management is only considered at the operational stage of the service lifecycle, then you are missing out on some great opportunities to understand how you create value, and how you can increase the value of IT to your customers.


When you look at IT services from a strategic perspective you develop answers to questions like:

  • What is the overall mission and vision of the IT organization?
  • What customers do you support, and what other customers could you support?
  • How do the services you currently offer support the business outcomes that matter to your customers?
  • What other types of service could you be offering to your customers?
  • What investments are needed to maximize the value of your service portfolio?
  • What capabilities do you need to deliver the mission and vision of your service portfolio?
  • Which of your capabilities differentiate you from the alternatives that your customers could use?
  • What is the optimal organization design to allow you to best meet your goals?


Strategic service management consulting is part of the Strategic IT Advisory Services (SITAS) that HP has recently launched to help our customers match their IT strategy to their business needs. HP strategic service management consulting can help you to develop your ideas and ensure that you are offering the best possible value to your customers.


Strategic Service Management.png


Changing the way you deliver IT services, so that the IT organization moves from being a cost centre to being a source of significant business value is not easy, but the potential rewards are very large, for the IT organization and for the overall enterprise. The journey can start with just a few simple steps, and the destination is one that is worth travelling towards.

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