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A Single View of the Data Center Truth … Is That Even Possible??

Ever wander around your data center and see an Ethernet jack on the air unit control panel?  What you say?  Or ever installed a power distribution unit (PDU) in a rack and seen an Ethernet jack on it?  As engineers we always ask why … in this case, why in the world would someone do that?

Storage transformation is all about the journey: planning for your successful arrival

You know where you are coming from, with a clear understanding of your current environment; and you know where you are heading, with a clear understanding of your vision - courtesy of the HP Storage Transformation Experience Workshop. The next step in the Workshop will help you join the dots and transform your plans into reality.

A telling statistic: 7 of the top 8 Telco leaders choose HP Datacenter Care

Telecommunications companies are finding great value in HP's Datacenter Care service in terms of helping them reduce complexity, risk, time, and cost. Many say that one of the most valuable features of this service is the Primary Service Provider (PSP) that provides cost-effective, tailored support solutions for their complex  heterogeneous/multivendor data centers. In this blog, Scott Weller shows the great results a major Telco was able to achieve with PSP.   

Meet an HP Master Cloud Strategist at Mobile World Congress – and chart your course to the cloud

HPP MWC14 WorkshopHow can an HP Cloud Workshop help you clarify your vision and get a jump-start on planning and implementation? Join Jim Figler, HP Master Cloud Strategist at MWC, Barcelona to find out more.

The promise of Network Functions Virtualization: a podcast interview with Alastair Winner

Today, HP announced a program of new NFV offerings that will help telecom providers and ISPs accelerate innovation and bring new services to market faster. HP Technology Services' Alastair Winner, VP for Networking and Mobility, explains why NFV is such a big deal.

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Business-driven project portfolio management strategies for a successful IT transformation

By Mohammed Safder, Worldwide Lead, HP IT Strategy Consulting Services



When you’re juggling multiple projects with different timelines and goals, the discipline of project portfolio management becomes a crucial enabler of your transformation journey. A new HP service helps you develop a unified, consistent strategy.